Kaltchuga Opportunities – Optimal Return (SIF)

Fund's Objective :

To deliver a constant return by detecting and playing short term opportunities in the Russian stock market with a contained level of volatility. The Fund pursues various directional strategies to seize short-term market opportunities. It allocates assets among different assets classes, including listed equity and debt securities of corporate and sovereign issuers and the possibility to use derivatives instruments such as CDS and futures.

Rationale :

The transience of most opportunities justifies the need for an investment vehicle offering more strategic flexibility and a wider spectrum of investment instruments as well as a large potential cash position to dispose efficiently of markets discrepancies.

Share classClass A
Statut Open
Currency USD
Inception Date May 18, 2009
Min. invest. amount $200,000
Bloomberg ticker KALOPRA LX
ISIN code LU0424788148
Fixed management fees 0.5%
Performances fees 20%
Valuation Monthly
Subscriptions Monthly with 5 business days prior notice
Redemption Monthly with 15 business days' notice
Custodian KBL European Private Bankers S.A
Fund Administration Kredietrust Luxembourg S.A
Pdf Documents Last Monthly Reporting