Kaltchuga Capital Management

A Management Company

Kaltchuga Capital Management S.A. (“KCM”) is a management company based in Luxembourg, regulated by the CSSF and operating under Chapter 15 of the Luxembourg law of 17 December 2010 on undertakings for collective investment. KCM was founded in December 2006 by a group of financial and industrial professionals with proven experience since 1987 in industry, real estate, private equity and financial markets in the Soviet Union.

A Local presence

Headquartered in Luxembourg, KCM has also a research office in Moscow. An ongoing contact is maintained with the local brokers and entrepreneurs, as well as local companies and their customers. It allows for a better understanding of the Russian environment and of local trends. We strongly believe local presence is essential for good stock picking and sector allocation.

An experienced investment team

Our investment team is composed of highly qualified Russian and Western specialists, who started their careers in the set-up and management of companies/factories in the Soviet Union.

A strong track record

Our investment team has worked under the same management since 1994. Hence our capacity to boast 20 years of track record in our investments in Russia.

A panel of 3 Funds focused on Russia and CIS